DIVE Coastal Cuisine, a popular restaurant known for its healthy, light and flavorful fare and located in Dallas’ Snider Plaza for 10 years, has launched its first meal subscription program. This is a great opportunity to not only support local but also plan ahead for favorite healthy dishes from Chef/Owner, Franchesca Nor.

Customers have the choice of subscribing for individual meals or family-style meals that feed 4 – 6 people. The subscription allows you to select your meal options and select the best day of the week and morning (11 a.m.) or evening (5 p.m.) delivered to your doorstep.

Customers can use DIVE’s online platform to sign up for the subscription and select their meal options. Choices include protein with options of grilled chicken, grilled salmon, grilled mahi mahi (blackened upon request), and grilled steak; sauce options include tomatillo sauce, tartar sauce, beurre blanc sauce, and classic chimichurri sauce; sides such as cilantro rice, black beans with cheese, cauliflower truffle hash, organic asparagus and portobello mushrooms are available. Add-ons are also an option for an additional cost with menu items such as organic Dive greens salad, hearts of palm salad, whole key lime pie, Papa Charlie’s Blueberry pie slice and more. Meal options can be changed at any time and meals can be easily reheated in their containers.

Sign up: https://divecoastal.com/meal-subscriptions

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