Cooking with chorizo adds flavor to recipes and makes it simple to bring a taste of Mexico and Spain to the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table.

However, while chorizo is always tasty, it’s typically not healthy, until now.

Introducing Diestel’s Turkey Chorizo. Made from whole muscle meat, this 100 percent pure ground turkey chorizo is low in fat (only 2g per serving), all natural, minimally processed, and gluten-free.

It is also lower in calories, cholesterol, and sodium compared to traditional chorizo and completely free of saturated fats. In addition, Diestel’s Turkey Chorizo has the yum-factor covered too. A special, family-created seasoning blend gives it wonderful flavor and a nice kick in the sombrero without being too spicy.

The Diestel Family Turkey Ranch has been sustainably raising turkeys for more than four generations. Their ranching style, family farming secrets, and strict sustainable standards consistently produce a better, tender, and juicier turkey with real, old-fashioned flavor and great texture.

All Diestel turkeys are thoughtfully and humanely raised on GAP rated farms. No hormones, antibiotics or growth stimulants are ever used.

Diestel’s Turkey Chorizo is extremely versatile and simple to prepare. It can be added to a breakfast burrito, a dinner casserole, or even just grilled up with veggies. The product can be found at select independent, natural, and upscale food stores.

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