Devour LLC, a company bringing the future of web3 dining to the restaurant industry, today announced the launch of its comprehensive web3 platform for restaurants.  

The Devour Platform enables restaurants to engage guests, reward employees, and grow their  brands with web3 solutions. The launch provides the industry a much-needed solution to help  restaurants put their most passionate fans at the center of their guest engagement strategy and  become more relevant to the younger generations that value unique experiences over  traditional promotions and discounts. 

“Devour helps you serve your guests an unmatched level of brand experiences,” says Shelly  Rupel, CEO and co-founder at Devour. “Built in collaboration with a tech stack that has been in  development for years, we’re excited to reveal it to the industry we love so dearly. Everyone  will see that web3 technologies aimed at the guest experience create so many more options for  brands committed to delivering true hospitality.” 

This announcement comes on the heels of Devour securing partnerships and beta clients from among some of the most innovative brands in the restaurant industry.  

“The number one request we’ve received from brands is help understanding the potential of web3 and how they can take their first move,” says Chad Horn, co-founder at Devour. “We have  been surprised by the number of brands that already had sophisticated web3 strategies and  just needed the right partner to help them bring those technologies to market.”  

Available for beta customers in Q3-2022, the Devour Platform consists of a full stack of  configurable modules: 

● DevourORDER for branded ordering website and mobile applications 

● DevourENGAGE for rewards and guest engagement 

● DevourRESERVE for waitlist and reservations 

● DevourNOW marketplace for food, experiences, and community collaboration

● DevourW3 POS as a full point-of-sale system for in-store order acceptance 

Devour will use its upcoming NFT launch, the Industry Collection, as a showcase for what is  possible when assigning real-world utility for holders of a specific NFT. These rewards will be featured in the DevourNOW marketplace where monthly reward points, partnering brand  offerings and specific promotions will be highlighted with the utility of owning the Industry Collection NFTs. 

“We are often asked what does being web3-enabled mean,” says Devour co-founder, Lisa Egbert. “Simply stated, it means using the power of the blockchain to engage and reward  guests, accept payments and cross-collaborate with other vibrant web3 communities. Our project blockchain token, DevourPAY, will be the standard utility token in our Devour Platform.  It also means that community membership—through NFTs—can serve as a guest’s access pass  to the unique experiences the restaurant may choose to offer.”  

For example, one Devour beta customer will use Devour’s token-gating technology to automatically reward and track monthly meal promotions through ownership of their NFT. Other options are for a restaurant’s inner circle or collaboration partners to include priority  reservations, hidden menu options and special event access. 

“The Devour Platform’s capabilities has exceeded all our clients’ ideas for a web3 guest  experience,” says Shelly Rupel. “We are excited to be launching this breakthrough platform to  an industry where my co-founders and I have spent our entire careers solving business  problems with innovative technology solutions.” 

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