A 32-year-old waitress in Hollywood, Florida is on the move once again. This time she is organizing a massive jobs initiative that calls for big businesses to offer employment opportunities to the communities that have supported their success. Denny's Restaurants has taken the lead by partnering with The Rebuild Your Life Project, Patterson's empowerment outreach for women.

"I hope that other American big businesses decide to partner with The Rebuild Your Life Project," Patterson says.

"This is a great way for big businesses to attract the type of employees that really want to contribute their skills and it helps to debunk the myth that large corporations do not care about the very people who have helped them to achieve their level of success."

In April 2011, Patterson, the creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project, an empowerment outreach aimed to teach women to overcome their fear of failure, gave away everything that she owned and moved out of her apartment, becoming homeless on purpose. Patterson aimed to show women what their biggest fear looked like and teach them how to survive it by watching her do it.

During the 4 months that Patterson was homeless from April 2011 through August 2011, she made a call to action to 30 businesses to participate in a job fair for homeless women and women in distress to help women rebuild their lives.

Patterson organized and executed The Rebuild Your Life Job Fair, raised money through her tips and wages to offer a $650 rental assistance grant to a woman in need, while teaching mental strategies for successfully navigating the obstacles women face when trying to rebuild their lives.

She managed to document the entire journey into and out of homelessness in video on her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/embraceyourfantasy

After securing a job as a waitress at Denny's Restaurant, Patterson partnered with the international corporation to hold a mass hiring event in South Florida. On December 20, 2011 more than 100 unemployed residents from Miami-Dade and Broward counties participated in open interviews for the 14 participating corporate owned Denny's restaurants that partnered with Patterson in support of The Rebuild Your Life Project.

Denny's is one of America's largest full-service family restaurant chains, currently operating more than 1,600 franchised, licensed and company-owned restaurants across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Guam, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand. For further information on Denny's, including news releases, please visit the Denny's website at http://www.Dennys.com.

The Rebuild Your Life Project is an empowerment outreach for women presented by MySavvySisters.Com. This outreach was created to teach women to overcome their fear of failure. Our hope is to instill in women the confidence they need to go after their dreams or remove themselves from mentally and spiritually debilitating situations that are holding them back from living joyful lives. For more information, please visit http://www.therebuildyourlifeproject.org

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