Denny’s is igniting a bacon frenzy across the nation with an exciting culinary mystery. It recently issued an open letter to America, inviting everyone to join in an epic quest to bring three bacon-loving icons to Denny’s and unlock a glorious reward: free bacon.

To celebrate the sizzling return of its Baconalia menu, Denny’s is extending a bold challenge. The open letter, which runs June 23 (USA Today) and June 25 (LA Times), calls for bacon fans everywhere to unite for a common purpose: encourage some of our nation’s preeminent bacon lovers to visit Denny’s to unleash free bacon for America.

So, who are these bacon lovers? That’s for fans, amateur detectives, and fellow bacon enthusiasts to figure out. Some initial clues:

  • This model knows her way around the kitchen, even a few game shows. And don’t get us started on her comedic social posts – some may even say they’re legendary.
  • This TV icon rings the bell for giving extra effort every day. A man of many talents, he has appeared in several television series, films, and even on Broadway.    
  • This action star is no stranger to space and classic rock. When he’s not saving the universe and fighting off dinosaurs, he’s hanging out on his ranch. 

Bacon enthusiasts nationwide are asked to uncover the identities of these bacon-loving icons by tagging the individuals on social media using the hashtag #baconalia. If even one of them heeds the call, Denny’s will reward America with a delectable treat: a free side of bacon for all guests on Monday, August 21, at every participating Denny’s location across the country. 

“This campaign is more than just a quest for bacon — it’s a celebration of our shared love for great food and unforgettable experiences,” says John Dillon, Denny’s president. “In honor of our 70th anniversary, we’re thrilled to reintroduce Baconalia after a decade-long hiatus by uniting bacon enthusiasts with the joy of free bacon. Start sleuthing, America.” 

Available at all Denny’s locations from June 21 through August 29, the Baconalia menu features seven craveable bacon-centric creations, including the Premium Bacon Loaded Pancakes,” the Triple Bacon Sampler, the Bacon Obsession Burger, and the Sweet Maple Bacon Sundae. Guests can also purchase limited edition Baconalia Merchandise, including beach towels, sunglasses, and bucket hats, on

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