Denny's, America's iconic family diner, and Atari, one of the world's most recognized publishers and producers of video game entertainment, have joined together to bring back a few classic arcade games, but with some new twists. 

Inspired by Denny's new "Greatest Hits Remixed" menu, which has a selection of the diner's iconic dishes all with a new culinary spin, three of Atari's most famous games, Asteroids, Centipede, and Breakout, have been remixed as "Hashteroids," "Centipup," and "Take-Out." 

Beyond just a new name, the games will feature diner elements, such as flying hash browns and syrup bottle shooters. All three games are available on the Denny's mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. 

"Our 'Greatest Hits Remixed' menu celebrates a few of Denny's most beloved dishes, by incorporating modern flavors for a fresh, new taste," says Frances Allen, chief brand officer for Denny's. "We're constantly looking to provide a fresh take on tradition for our guests, and this partnership with Atari allows us to extend the fun beyond our menu, and add a new spin on classic gameplay." 

Each of the new remixed games incorporates diner items into play:

  • Hashteroids – Guests are aboard the SS Denny's Condiment Transport ship and the mission is clear: deliver 40 tons of condiments to the 4th planet in sector 7d.
  • Centipup – Once upon a time, a young boy named Danny came across a bottle of syrup and with just a slight squeeze the bottle's sticky contents had the power to turn anyone or anything into a fried egg.
  • Take-out – A wall made entirely of delicious Denny's breakfast items appears blocking all the take-out orders from their rightful owners. The only way to feed customers is to break down that wall!

"We are excited to be partnering with Denny's on this partnership. Transforming our classic and beloved games into a retro, remixed promotion will be a natural way to expose our brand to a new generation and resonate with our long-time fans in a fun and unique way," says Fred Chesnais, chief executive officer, Atari, Inc.

The remixed Atari games are just one of several new features available on Denny's recently refreshed "Build Your Own" mobile app, which allows users to build and personalize their app exactly how they like, from their homepage layout to a variety of themes. Interactive elements such as the "Museum of Diner Art" are guaranteed to keep guests entertained, while regular features including the restaurant finder and menus keeps the latest Denny's news at guests' fingertips.  

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