DeliverThat, a leading delivery provider for pre-scheduled catering deliveries, launched its 83rd major market during July, which brings coverage to approximately 8,000 zip codes across the United States and Canada.

This expansion was fueled by diversifying into new industries, such as takeout, grocery, meal subscription, and route delivery.

“With a decrease in overall catering volumes and the shift to smaller deliveries, our brands have relied upon DeliverThat to support and supplement our teams through the uncertainty of day-to-day transaction volume. DeliverThat’s reliability, and its willingness to pivot to support off-premises sales channels in addition to catering, are just two of the reasons that we have, and will continue to, partner with them in these challenging times,” says Jim Rand, Partner, Act III Holdings.

DeliverThat also released an extensive driver education program to ensure the level of quality and safety during current Covid-19 conditions. These new initiatives helped partners like Act III Holdings and ezCater to continue to provide the level of service their customers expect.

“We were also faced with new challenges around delivery safety to help prevent the spread of the disease. The DeliverThat team responded quickly to implement CDC recommended guidelines for delivery safety which allowed us to smoothly transition to this new, complicated world,” says Jules Konjoian, Director of Delivery Operations at ezCater.

The changes have had a positive impact on DeliverThat team members and the company’s partner associates, many of whom requested expanded services during nationwide shutdowns, reopenings, and revised business operations.

“Over the last 3 months we have developed methods to enhance the level of service for our partners,” says Darien Terrell, president of DeliverThat. “DeliverThat partners have requested help in many secondary cities around the country has fueled the latest wave of expansion. We have listened to our partners over the last few months and this has resulted in extensive driver education, primary and secondary market expansions, and enhanced internal resources.”

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