MistAMERICA, an innovator in outdoor cooling, shade, and heating solutions, completed renovations to the patio of Del Frisco's Grille in Phoenix, one of its first jobs in the Phoenix area.

The three-year-old Del Frisco's, located in the Arizona Biltmore shopping center, had been using four Mist360 Classic fans to cool the guests on its second floor patio, which has a picturesque view of Camelback Mountain.

Following renovations, the Del Frisco's Grille patio now has two Mist360 Classic fans and four Mist360 Breeze fans. The addition of two extra Mist360 Breeze fans allows patio guests to feel cool and refreshed no matter where they are seated.

"With these new misting installations, I believe that our patio has become a premier dining destination for those wishing to eat outdoors," says Del Frisco's general manager Jeff Berkowitz. "And when you add in the beautiful view of Camelback Mountain, the atmosphere can't be beat."

Both the Breeze and Classic fans have undergone recent design changes that make them sleeker and quieter, perfect for a slightly condensed patio setting like the one seen at Del Frisco's. The new design also allows for a 20 percent increase in the broadcast zone of each fan.

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