Just in time for the sweltering summer season, DeeBee’s Organics is launching its brand new TeaPops. Made with beautiful teas, naturally non-caffeinated rooibos, and organic fruit, DeeBee’s TeaPops are lightly sweetened with organic coconut flower blossom nectar or organic, non-GMO honey (never refined sugar). 

DeeBee’s TeaPops are a welcome addition to the frozen food aisle, currently inundated by artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and highly processed ingredients.

Tea Trends

On any given day, over one half of Americans consume tea—approximately 85 percent of which is iced—with the highest concentration of consumers in the south and northeast. Driven by consumers’ appreciation for products with healthy properties and a boundless variety of flavors, the tea industry predicts strong and steady growth for the next few years.  

DeeBee’s Organics (based in Victoria, British Columbia) has a well-known and loved presence in the Canadian marketplace, and is thrilled to bring their tasty TeaPops to American homes. 

“We are very excited to bring our organic TeaPops to a whole new market this summer,” says Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, PhD, CEO, and founder of DeeBee’s Organics. “Living and eating well is important to us, and we are so happy to share our passion and products with more families!”  

Starting with Whole Foods in the Midwest, East Coast, and Florida, DeeBee’s TeaPops are quickly filling freezers of natural foods and mainstream retailers nationwide.

DeeBee’s Frozen Treats

Born from a love of tea, two picky parents, and two kids wanting a frozen treat, DeeBee’s TeaPops are a homemade creation formulated by doctors for their own children. Laslo-Baker is a medical research scientist with a focus in maternal-fetal toxicology, and her husband Dr. Stephen Baker is a respected ophthamologist and oculoplastic surgeon. Laslo-Baker and her family created the world’s first TeaPop in their own kitchen as a sweet yet healthy treat to be enjoyed by everyone.

Made with the highest quality ingredients available, DeeBee’s Organics TeaPops range from 25-50 calories and are 100 percent certified organic, certified peanut-free and nut-free, non-GMO, free of dairy and soy, gluten-free, kosher, and almost entirely vegan.  

DeeBee’s TeaPops provide health benefits of tea and rooibos, which are potent in antioxidants, increase metabolism, and reduce the risk cancer. Popular with consumers, DeeBee’s is gathering awards and nominations for their great-tasting, healthy, and innovative treats. Recently, DeeBee's Organics TeaPops have been honored with the distinction of representing Canada at the World Tour by SIAL, which highlights products that represent the current trends within their country.

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