Dawn Food Products Inc. launched Bakers Truth, a new line of clean label ingredients. Bakers Truth products are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners, and also contain no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil.

The new product line currently features the following options:

Bakers Truth Creme Cake Bases – Offered in vanilla and chocolate varieties, these bases have the reliability, flavor and versatility to make everyday favorites or customized signature treats.

Bakers Truth Donut Mixes—Offered in vanilla and spice cake, as well as yeast raised, these donut mixes deliver the same quality and performance that bakers have come to expect from existing Dawn donut products.

Bakers Truth Brownie Mix—The high-quality cocoa flavor and consistency of the current Dawn brownies are replicated in a clean label version with no sacrifice on taste. Development of the new line was driven by market research, which revealed consumers continue to seek food options made with fewer but more recognizable ingredients.

“Consumers continue to drive the ‘better for you’ food movement,” says Becky Loveland, vice president of marketing and R&D North America at Dawn Foods. “These consumers want great-tasting products and want to feel good about what they are eating. Supporting that insight is recent research showing that 68 percent of global consumers want to recognize every ingredient on food labels. We developed Bakers Truth to provide the best of both worlds, enabling our customers to respond to this growing trend with additional sweet baked goods options for their consumers.”

Bakers Truth is now available to meet the needs of bakers everywhere, and offers the same functional qualities as Dawn Foods signature items.

“The products leverage the same baking process as their original recipes, delivering the same great taste that consumers love—and the functionality bakers expect—making Bakers Truth easy to implement for customers of all types,” says Erik Enyedy, senior manager of channel marketing at Dawn Foods. 

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