Dave & Buster’s, the ultimate destination for food, drinks, and entertainment, announced two more significant deals for its global expansion plans. The first deal includes a 15-store partnership in India with the Malpani Group, and the second deal comprises a 5-store partnership with the NightOwl Entertainment Group in Australia. These strategic alliances mark Dave & Buster’s second and third multi-store franchise agreements, firmly cementing the brand in the APAC and MEA regions with a total of 31 stores committed to development since global expansion plans were announced in 2022.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Malpani Group to bring the Dave & Buster’s experience to the Indian consumer, as India’s vibrant economy has ranked the country in the top 5 globally. The Malpani Group, known for its passion for innovation and diversified growth, is poised to dominate the indoor and outdoor entertainment industry,” says Antonio Bautista Chief International Development Officer for Dave & Buster’s. He adds, “Likewise, we’re delighted to join forces with the NightOwl Entertainment Group, a forward-thinking hospitality and entertainment company revolutionizing the industry in Australia. Australia’s dynamic market presents a significant opportunity for growth, and the NightOwl Entertainment Group, renowned for its innovative approach, is the ideal partner for our brand. We can’t wait to bring our unparalleled entertainment experience to this vibrant market.”

Jai Malpani, Director of Malpani Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “We are delighted to partner with Dave & Buster’s, an established brand with a proven track record in the entertainment industry,” said Malpani. “We believe their expertise in family entertainment and dining experiences will complement our portfolio, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

David Heaton, the Founder and CEO of NightOwl Entertainment, also shared his excitement for the partnership. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with the brand that pioneered location-based entertainment and continues to be the point of reference globally in this space,” says Heaton. “We’re confident that together, we’ll bring unparalleled experiences to our customers.”

Dave & Buster’s has implemented several strategic initiatives to ensure a successful global expansion, including a customizable footprint tailored to meet specific market requirements and the localization of menu offerings with high regional resonance to cater to local preferences and tastes. They have also introduced a proprietary dynamic pricing model to offer flexible pricing options, launched global marketing programs that are demographically agnostic yet locally executable, and implemented a unique amusement strategy and packages to differentiate themselves in the market.

Dave & Buster’s is also excited to offer localized entertainment and late-night programming for customers and introduce immersive experiences to enhance customer engagement in the competitive socializing space. With these initiatives, Dave & Buster’s is confident they will provide an exceptional experience to their global customers.

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