The National Restaurant Association congratulated Dave and Busters on receiving the 2015 VIBE VISTA Award for Best Responsible Alcohol Service Program.

The restaurant received the award at the VIBE (Very Important Beverage Executives) conference in Las Vegas. The award is sponsored by the NRA.

“Since adopting the National Restaurant Association’s  ServSafe Alcohol training program, Dave and Busters has become a leader in promoting a safe and responsible environment for their patrons,” says William Weichelt, ServSafe Director.

Dave and Busters incorporated the ServSafe program into its daily operations. Each year, every manager is required to complete a responsible alcohol service e-course.

Dave and Buster’s human resources department has also developed auditing procedures to confirm compliance reporting.

Operators were asked to submit materials and supporting details used in their beverage promotions to the faculty at Johnson & Wales University. Awards were judged for both Multi-Unit Chain Restaurants and for Hotels, Casinos, and Cruise Lines.

The award for responsible beverage alcohol service highlights effective server training programs that emphasize ongoing reinforcement of training and a culture of responsible alcohol sales.

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