Datassential, a leading provider of food and beverage data insights, announced the launch of Report Pro, a new research content platform offering an on-demand library of market intelligence reports, consumer and operator research, trend monitoring and real-world case studies and examples.

Previously offering access to its ecosystem of market intelligence reports on an ad-hoc basis, Datassential’s new Report Pro platform features four subscription options geared toward specific food industry professionals and their data needs.

Trend Pro, designed for creators, culinary creators and R&D teams, includes data and expert insights from macro trends affecting the industry to ingredient and flavor movements.

Insight Pro, crafted for consumer-focused researchers, delivers consumer sentiment and behavioral insights to help organizations stay one step ahead.

Foodservice Pro, developed with sales and strategy teams in mind, unleashes operator insights to help suppliers better serve key operator need states and meet emerging trends.

Ultra grants users unlimited access to the full library of content.

“As an industry, we’re emerging from a year of turbulence into the unknown. There is no blueprint for navigating consumers’ changing attitudes about dining out, or for predicting how longstanding trends like plant-based eating will be impacted, or most importantly, for deciphering what all these factors mean for an organization’s next move,” says Emily Tang, VP of Innovation & Insights at Datassential. “The food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, and operators who use our data need greater access to information now more than ever as they look for clarity and context to guide decisions in this uncharted territory.”

Accessed through Datassential’s SNAP! portal, the Report Pro content library is intuitively designed and browsable. Subscriptions also include access to downloadable presentation-ready slides to streamline information sharing. Report Pro market intelligence content is employed by leading names in food including Ghirardelli Chocolate, Schwan’s, QuikTrip, Albertsons Companies, Jack-In-The-Box, SupHerb Farms, Bush’s Beans, Trident Seafood and more.

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