Restaurant operators who have long been searching for a way to break away from typical music services in order to get a custom music mix at an affordable price now have a solution.

ReMix is the newest service from business music service provider Custom Channels.

“ReMix is an economical and legal alternative for small businesses that have tried iPods, CDs, computer playlists, satellite radio, and Pandora, but aren’t satisfied with the music mix they’ve gotten,” says John Bradley, chief music officer for Custom Channels. “It’s more interactive than satellite, more customizable than Pandora, and legal … unlike your iPod.”

ReMixers get to create and manage their own custom channel online by choosing the music styles, adjusting the mix, and even adding and deleting songs from the huge ReMix online music library.

Their ReMix channel is streamed to their business location and heard on a dedicated Internet media player or a Web-based player on their computer.

Restaurants with multiple locations can share the same ReMix channel, ensuring a consistent music experience across the concept.

The large ReMix music library has been screened for songs that aren’t appropriate for in-store business play because of lyrics or length.

It’s all fully licensed, so the songwriters get paid when their songs get played.

An online client dashboard allows ReMix users to preview their music selections and review their playlist history. There are no interruptions, commercials, promos, or DJ talk.

Unlike many music solutions, ReMix music is fully optimized for the commercial environment with high-quality digital sound and no variations in volume from song to song.

ReMix is a custom music solution designed with small businesses in mind, where the business owner is in control of the sound. It’s ideal for single or multiple location restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs, retail and convenience stores, and any business where operators want to choose the music themselves—with a little help from the music professionals at Custom Channels.

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