The cooking series at the Park City Culinary Institute, a culinary program in Utah, is heating up again after filling all seats in the first cooking class program this fall. 

After selling out in the summer, the Institute is now preparing to introduce another cooking series open to culinary enthusiasts and those hoping to start a career as a chef. The Salt Lake culinary class based in Park City will prepare student chefs for their futures in the restaurant industry. 

The series will focus on teaching students to prepare full menus, including decadent desserts, as well as proper cooking and safety techniques.

The introduction to the Salt Lake City professional cooking certificate by the Park City Culinary Institute is innovative and designed to teach prospective chefs proper cooking techniques. Park City Culinary Institute classes train chefs of tomorrow to become more dynamic in their menu planning and preparation of dishes. 

During the program, students have the opportunity to work with fine ingredients and professional equipment to craft both traditional and pioneering dishes.

The first series of classes were quickly filled for the October 2014 program. The next cooking series is set to begin on Nov. 24, 2014, running through Feb. 11, 2015. Students have already started to matriculate and fill available positions for the November program, but the Park City Culinary Institute still has a few spots and chef hats to fill.

The high demand for the culinary program is attributed to the quality of instruction offered by the Park City Culinary Institute. The cooking series is a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to create alongside world class chefs.  Park City and Salt Lake City residents should not miss this opportunity. 

Culinary students will work with professional chefs like Mary Cech, a world class and award winning pastry chef acclaimed for her decadent desserts. Park City cooking students will work and learn from top chefs during the five month Utah cooking class.

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