What is the FUTURE of food—in five years? In 10 years and beyond? What if America's most talented chefs, nutrition and environmental scientists, farm and fisheries experts, and business leaders worked together to develop business-friendly solutions for a changing foodservice industry landscape—one increasingly shaped by concerns about obesity and healthcare costs, how we produce and source our food, and how we're going to feed an additional two billion people in coming years as our global resource base declines?

Menus of Change is your roadmap—your GPS—to the future of food and industry innovation. 

This leadership summit, presented by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard School of Public Health, will help attendees navigate an increasingly complicated world of shifting consumer values and demands, public health imperatives, escalating food costs, and looming environmental challenges. Join us at our June conference in Cambridge, Mass., to learn more, and take a deep dive into these game-changing issues and rapidly converging opportunities. 

Confirmed speakers to date include the following:

  • Sam Kass, senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives at the White House
  • Barton Seaver, CIA graduate, author of For Cod and Country, and director of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Program, Harvard University Center for Health and the Global Environment
  • Andrea Illy, CEO of illycaffè, and director of his company's economic, social, and environmental sustainability value report
  • Rick Bayless, chef, author, television host, and sustainability advocate
  • Walter Willett, chairman, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Tim Ryan, president, The Culinary Institute of America
  • Fedele Bauccio, CEO, Bon Appétit Management Co.
  • Julio Frenk, dean, Harvard School of Public Health
  • James White, CEO, Jamba Juice
  • Jorge Collazo, executive chef, New York City Schools
  • Will Rosenzweig, managing partner, Physic Ventures
  • Laurie Demeritt, CEO and president, The Hartman Group
  • Michael Kaufman, president, Center Plate Restaurant Group
  • John Mitchell, vice president, LYFE Kitchen
  • Kirsten Saenz Tobey, CIO, Revolution Foods
  • Ellen Kennedy, senior sustainability analyst, Calvert Investments
  • Wayne Jonas, president and CEO, Samueli Institute
  • Stephanie Chenevert and Liv Wu, global food team/innovation lab for food experiences, Google

Open to leaders and experts in the culinary, volume foodservice, science, public health, business, agriculture, policy-making, and NGO sectors, Menus of Change will provide an unprecedented integration of science-based guidance, culinary strategy, and business insight for the foodservice industry.

For more information, including a full program (with speakers confirmed to date) and registration details, visit www.menusofchange.org.

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