Food industry veterans Shawn Davidson and Chuck Troccoli have joined forces to launch SousCo, an innovative foodservice solutions company designed to assist restaurant operators in the areas of culinary solutions, supply chain enhancement and operations.

For Davidson and Troccoli, it’s a business venture 40 years in the making as the duo first met as bartenders working in a chain restaurant. They forged a great friendship through long hours, and while their paths went in different directions, they committed to working together once again. This time, as co-founders of SousCo, a company built on the premise of helping others at its core.

SousCo pulls together a team of experienced culinary professionals well-versed in a variety of areas relevant across the industry – from start-ups to established large chains.  “We were looking for ways to support and assist restaurant operators’ foodservice solutions in a creative and approachable way,” said Davidson, a long-time menu development and sourcing entrepreneurs whose clients span across all segments and sizes.

Davidson and Troccoli spent 2019 pooling their resource and knowledge base to establish a platform to leverage the rapidly evolving way in which knowledge workers, consultants and specialists now work.


As brands shifted due to the pandemic, Davidson and Troccoli modified the business platform to accommodate the current needs of operators, who are now choosing to outsource key services. The team is poised to work within any daypart or restaurant segment on projects intended to enhance culinary or operational services, and takes a multi-pronged approach to providing solutions to restaurant operators.

“With everything that’s happening in our world today, we thought this was the right time to bring our experiences and network together to help concepts meet their goals and overcome challenges,” says Troccoli, who spent 30+ years overseeing food and beverage operations at Madison Square Garden. “We believe SousCo provides present-day solutions to the unique circumstances facing restaurant operators.”

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