The American Egg Board encourages restaurant operators to leverage the popularity of pork as the perfect companion protein for breakfast specials.  According to Datassential, 58.3 percent more operators are adding pork to the menu than were doing so in 2009. That’s a steep climb in only four years and its popularity has no sign of fading soon.

As breakfast continues to be the bright spot in foodservice sales, why not marry two winners to produce unbeatable appeal? The Cuban Breakfast Sandwich is a perfect blend of spicy pulled pork with the smooth creaminess of scrambled eggs and Swiss cheese. A glorious morning rendition of the popular Cuban sandwich, this version is a panini-style sandwich layering ham, Cuban-spiced pulled pork, creamy scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese, and sweet pickle relish, topped with a mustard Hollandaise.

Breakfast sandwiches continue to be the darlings of the morning daypart on chain restaurant menus, growing consistently year after year in their own popularity and percent of sales. The Cuban Breakfast offers a trifecta of on-trend ingredients, adventurous taste, and uniqueness, all translating to value for both the patron and operator. What’s not to love?


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