Ctuit Software, the leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, announced that it has been growing at a rate of 27 percent year-over-year for the past five years. 

Started in 2000, Ctuit has grown from a garage startup to offices in Texas and California supporting more than 2,700 restaurant locations. 

In 2012 to date, Ctuit has grown 29 percent over last year with no outside investment. Ctuit is 100 percent private and employee owned.

In a competitive space, Ctuit attributes its success to a few simple factors: a secure, reliable and affordable product, driven by client demands and providing superior customer service.

Not only is it helping its clients with the day-to-day management of their food and labor costs with accurate and timely data, but Ctuit also helps its clients with optional modules that yield key intelligence upon which profitable business decisions are made.

Operational, financial, and exception-based reporting is available throughout Ctuit. Additional optional modules are also available like GL Sales (financial reporting), Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipe Management, Labor Scheduling, Speed of Service, and Event Management. 

Customer service is another key factor in Ctuit’s success. Ctuit’s customer service team has grown with Ctuit’s growth, and with representatives assigned to each client, restaurants get a personalized e-mail or call response within a very short period. 

“Not only are we seeing strong sales and overall growth in 2012, but we are excited about our new offerings coming out in 2013,” says Rob D’Ambrosia, president and CEO of Ctuit Software.

Some new clients include Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants, CB Restaurants, Inc./Enduring Brands, and Francescas.

Copper Cellar’s different concepts all use Ctuit for its restaurants, banquet rooms, and various events.

Looking for software to meet the needs of its various concepts, CB Restaurants/Enduring Brands was drawn to a cloud-based solution that could be reviewed from anywhere it had access to its secure Ctuit site. 

“We chose Ctuit based on their affordability, ease of use, access to data remotely, and excellent market reputation”, says JB Edwards, CFO of CB Restaurants/Enduring Brands.

“The seamless transition to using Ctuit and excellent customer service has made the software easy to implement and use. Positive results are already showing. Their flexibility to accommodate our concepts and business has been very appealing to us as restaurant operators.” Edwards adds. 

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