A new integration with Ctuit provides data on demand from SpeedLine point of sale systems to an array of Ctuit restaurant management and business intelligence tools.

“The integration allows SpeedLine clients to access Ctuit’s broad range of business intelligence tools to control costs, increase sales and better manage their businesses,” says Michael Kapash, Ctuit Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Ctuit’s all-in-one restaurant management software equips restaurateurs with powerful business intelligence and meaningful data to deliver success.”

For SpeedLine POS users, the flagship Ctuit restaurant management platform, RADAR, opens up new options for cloud reporting—online sales and labor analytics with custom dashboards and more than 200 widgets, and flexible access by user job and location.

RADAR users can also add on a variety of powerful optional modules, such as Ctuit Schedules for mobile scheduling, time off requests, and notifications, and On the Fly™ manager alerts and information on demand. Additional options deliver fraud prevention and easy integration to a wide range of payroll platforms.

“This integration gives our restaurant clients the choice of new tools to control, increase sales, and manage their businesses,” says Mike Anderson, SpeedLine Product and Development Manager.

“We welcome Ctuit to the SpeedLine Technology Network,” Anderson says, “and look forward to offering our shared clients new ways to leverage their POS data to increase efficiency and profit.”

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