This past spring marked the one-year anniversary of the CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails launch in the foodservice industry. The refreshing, sugar-free premium line of low calorie (5 calories per serving) Peach Bellini, Margarita, and Appletini Mocktails offer delicious, convenient ways to expand operators’ beverage business and keep up with consumer demands.

As the “skinny” drink trend continues to grow, CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails make it easy to meet the increasing demand for light, refreshing drink options, especially as signature non-alcohol “mocktails” have had a 34 percent growth rate over the past two years.  Of those consumers who have enjoyed a mocktail or signature non-alcohol beverage within the last month, 55 percent say they are likely to increase their mocktail orders over the next two years.

When CRYSTAL LIGHT launched the Mocktails line, KRAFT Foodservice presented operators with Mocktails Launch Kits, as well as incentive programs to motivate bartenders and drive sales. The kit included promotional materials such as on-trend recipes, eye-catching merchandise, and a server-training handbook. KRAFT Foodservice is still offering the CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails Launch Kit to interested operators

The CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails Launch program proved successful and fun for bartenders like Abigail Rushford, from The Purple Fig in Henderson, Kentucky, who increased sales by offering customers a creative, refreshing non-alcoholic beverage featuring CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails Drink Mixes.

 “Innovative operators are creating value by crafting new and unique beverages including specialty lemonades, handmade sodas and mocktails that are uniquely flavorful, fresh and a better-for-you option,” says Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic.

One year later, CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails are continuing to help operators take advantage of the “skinny” trend while delivering flavorful, refreshing drink options. Low-calorie Peach Bellini, Margarita and Appletini Mocktails are the perfect way to expand your business, especially since CRYSTAL LIGHT has 90 percent aided brand awareness and unmistakable appeal. Each package of CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktails drink mix makes one gallon and eliminates common prep work like peeling, straining, and squeezing fruit.

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