Radiant Systems has launched Radiant Security Services. This new set of products and services is designed to help restaurant and retail operators build a layered defense against criminal tactics targeted at the theft of consumer data.

The new services include a firewall, two-factor authentication, secure file transfer, security and operational alerts, and regular external scans. They are designed for small, medium, and large hospitality businesses.

“After undergoing a breach at the restaurant concept I owned previously in Atlanta, I now know that my restaurant’s network security is of the utmost importance,” says a BBQ restaurant concept owner in Dallas, Texas. “For me, the primary benefit of outsourcing security services is gaining the peace of mind that I have experts watching out for the security of my business 24/7,” he says.

Radiant Systems made great strides in 2010 in improving security throughout the entire payment process, says John Heyman, CEO of Radiant Systems. “We collaborated with other businesses in the transaction-processing industry and participated in data security organizations such as PCI SSC and SPVA. These activities provided access to education for our resellers and customers on security challenges.

“We remain strongly committed to data security and continue to invest in our goal to provide our customers with innovative and secure solutions that allow them to focus on what is truly important—engaging consumers and delivering excellent service,” Heyman says.

Radiant Security Services features a variety of services, components of which are already installed in thousands of restaurant and retail sites, helping operators defend their businesses and customers against criminal activity. The suite consists of a managed commercial-grade hardware firewall service, a secure two-factor remote access tool, and an ongoing monitoring and network defense service. Also included is a breach assistance program that protects operators from expenses that result from a suspected or actual data breach.

Last year, Radiant launched Payment Guard MSR, an encrypted magnetic stripe reader that is standard in all Radiant POS terminals, as well as Token Replacement, a payment security feature within a restaurant’s POS software that prevents cardholder data from being stored on the POS.

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