Restaurant and foodservice operators will learn proven profit-building strategies in a series of two-day Food & Beverage Cost Management Summits in 2016. The

Summits are presented by Mark Kelnhofer, a widely recognized expert, international speaker and published author on the subjects. Topics covered are accurate recipe costing, menu engineering, purchasing specifications, forecasting methods, vetting cost control systems, and much more.

The events will be in Las Vegas (September 12—13), San Diego (October 17—18), Orlando (November 7—8), and Dallas (November 21—22). Content is designed for middle and top level restaurant and foodservice management. Early registration, up to 30 days before each session, is $695; within 30 days the registration is $795. Kelnhofer is President and CEO of Return On Ingredients in Westerville, Ohio, and is a featured speaker for Restaurant Institute. He has been a featured speaker at dozens of national and regional foodservice, hospitality, and financial conventions nationwide. He has been published in various industry publications including QSR and FSR.

He also has published two books, Return On Ingredients: Controlling Food & Beverage Costs To Improve Efficiencies & Profits and The Culinary Pocket Resource of Yields, Weights, Densities & Measures.

Recipe documentation accuracy is essential for every operator because it affects many aspects of the operation. Without properly documented recipes, operators can’t properly manage their business to greater profitability.

Participants learn: the art of recipe writing; proper costing; how to understand basic financial statements and methods of analysis; menu engineering techniques; forecasting methods; how to implement just-in-time practices; establishing and maintaining pars; and performance benchmarking. Attendees will also learn how to evaluate and select the best cost control system.

Kelnhofer is a Lecturer at The Ohio State University instructing Food, Beverage & Labor Cost Control and also an Adjunct Faculty member at Ohio University instructing Hospitality Accounting. He also sits on several hospitality advisory boards at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) and Hocking College (Nelsonville, Ohio).

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