Red Book Solutions yesterday introduced the Source-2-Source solution, which coordinates corporate management strategies and store-level executions.

“This integrated, critical task-management resource allows retail and hospitality executives to assign, in real time, priority tasks at the store level that don’t necessarily occur in a normal day,” says Gregory Thiesen, president and CEO of Red Book Solutions. “Our clients further benefit from a customizable roll-up reporting solution in which executives know in an instant when priority tasks are completed and can accumulate information requests.”

The combination of The Manager’s Red Book and Source-2-Source gives companies an efficient end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between daily operations and periodic corporate assigned initiatives. With this approach, Red Book Solutions consolidates typical communications, such as emails, calls and faxes, and unites it with store execution tasks within an intuitive, user friendly system allowing for a higher level of accountability, efficiency and customer-centered attention.

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