Chef Bill Kim’s Pizza & Parm Shop, a new virtual restaurant based out of the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, opens December 2.

Available exclusively for takeout through DoorDash, this pop-up offers the western Chicago suburbs a chance to experience the award-winning chef’s menu of flavors that defy borders, in a time where dining options continue to be limited due to restaurant dining restrictions.

“Growing up on the northside of Chicago, I had a lot of Italian friends and was constantly surrounded by the cuisine … I think part of me even wanted to be Italian,” says Kim, a native of Seoul, South Korea whose family immigrated to Chicago when he was seven. “This menu is a homage to them and my childhood with flavors and dishes I love and that travel incredibly well through delivery.”

The menu spotlights Detroit-style pizza, known for its signature square shape and caramelized cheese crust — as Kim says, “a happy medium between Chicago deep dish and thin crust styles.” In addition to pizza, the menu features a classic chicken parmesan entrée and chicken parmesan sandwiches. Salads such as a chopped Caesar salad and wings are available as well.

Chef Bill Kim’s Pizza & Parm Shop hours are 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

This pop-up follows the launch of Chef Bill Kim’s Ramen Bar one month ago, another concept located in Oak Brook featuring Kim’s creative takes on the universal Asian comfort and cold-weather dish. Both represent new restaurant concepts and menus not present on Cornerstone and Kim’s portfolio of restaurants. Additionally, Cornerstone operates two other restaurants currently open for takeout and covered patio dining in Oak Brook: Michael Jordan’s Restaurant, located across from the Oak Brook Center mall where Bill Kim serves up fresh flavors with a twist at The Table at Crate. This virtual restaurant marks Cornerstone’s fourth location in the western suburb.

“Every restaurateur and entrepreneur needed to get more creative than ever this year,” adds Danny McGowan, COO of Cornerstone. “We are thinking beyond the four walls of our restaurants and utilizing all parts of that space. The ghost kitchen is a concept we’ve explored before, but never to this level with two brand new restaurant concepts and menus.”

A leader in innovation in the industry, Cornerstone Restaurant Group is known for building successful partnerships with iconic brands, including their longstanding partnership with the legendary Michael Jordan and recently with global retailer Crate & Barrel. Cornerstone and Chef Bill Kim have now partnered for over four years, growing the fast-casual urbanbelly into a successful takeout business and currently looking towards expansion next year.

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