Cooper Tea Company announced the launch of B.W. Cooper’s Organic Cold Brew Tea 11:1 Concentrate, becoming the first company to release a cold brew tea concentrate designed specifically for restaurants, coffeeshops, and other commercial foodservice applications. 

“Once the cold brew phenomenon moved beyond coffee and into tea, we started getting requests,” says Colleen Norwine, Cooper Tea executive director of sales and marketing. “Everyone loved the taste of cold brewed tea and wanted to capitalize on the higher price point it commands; but there wasn’t a practical way for high-volume restaurants to serve it.  We’re excited to be the first to provide a solution.”  

B.W. Cooper’s Cold Brew Tea Concentrate (CBTC) offers operators a simple way to add cold brew tea to the menu without burdening staff with a time-consuming preparation process. The commercial concentrate requires no onsite brewing or extracting equipment.  Cooper Tea steeps the tea for hours in cold water at their Colorado microbrewery. This time-intensive process removes bitterness and produces a “cold brewed tea” with a superior, uniquely smooth and refreshing taste profile.  Restaurants can create signature and seasonal flavors by adding flavor syrups, fresh fruit or botanicals. 

For easy storage, the concentrates are packed in shelf-stable, 32oz miniature milk jugs.  Each “mini-jug” of concentrate makes 3 gallons of cold brew tea when mixed with water. Batches of tea can be made based on demand – 1 gallon, 2 gallons, or a full 3-gallon batch.  This reduces the amount of stale tea thrown out, conserves water, and improves environmental sustainability in local communities.

The product is USDA-certified organic and has just 2 ingredients:  organic black tea and water. International Tea Master and company founder Barry W. Cooper selected the organic black tea used in the proprietary blend.  Cooper has over 50 years of experience cupping, blending and brewing teas.   

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