Cooper-Atkins announced the new 94100 KwikSwitch Folding Thermocouple instrument featuring a replaceable probe while maintaining a total system accuracy of ±1°F (±0.5°C).  The KwikSwitch is accurate and fast, important attributes for the breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes. The reduced tip stainless-steel probe allows for a 1 second response time.  This easy-to-use device turns on and off by simply flipping the probe open and closed.  Its automatic shut-off feature conserves battery life, and the large LCD screen is easy to read, and provides a backlight in low light settings. The 94100 KwikSwitch is IPX7 Waterproof-rated and is supported by a 5-year warranty.

The thermocouple is versatile, utilizing any type K probe for use from receiving to plating.

Cooper-Atkins, an Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions business, is the leading provider of environmental measuring and monitoring solutions for the customers in Foodservice, Food Processing, and Healthcare industries.

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