The difference between TASKBran Super Absorbent Strip and every other sorbent sock on the market is clear with just one look. It has a revolutionary profile that lays flat when unrolled. Plus, it’s wrapped in high-visibility yellow spun-bond cover, and has “CAUTION” repeating across it in four languages. This is aqueous-based spill protection you can see, alerting everyone to its presence and increasing safety.

What you don’t see is different, too. TASKBrand Super Absorbent Strip is filled with SpillLock™ technology, capable of absorbing 50 times its own weight. Liquids convert into a leak-resistant gel, safely containing water- and oil-based liquids simultaneously.

TASKBrand Super Absorbent Strip come in a handy dispense-box in 100′ rolls perforated every 12″, allowing facilities to use only as much as is needed, eliminating waste. This convenient packing makes it practical to keep rolls at-the-ready for any application, including refrigeration areas, leaking machinery, HVAC, maintenance, floor care as a threshold dam, other cleaning applications, and more. TASKbrand Super Absorbent Strip absorbs completely, expanding as it goes. It is kind to the environment, too, made from renewable and recycled fibers.

“From a safety perspective, there is no comparison,” says Bill Hemann, vice president of sales and marketing, HOSPECO. “TASKBrand Super Absorbent Strip really makes its presence known, unlike most other sorbent socks. Its flat profile enhances ease of use and reduces tripping risks. The highly visible, clearly labeled exterior brings added awareness, and the SpillLock technology inside can take on any water- or oil-based spill.”

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