Condado Tacos, an artistic original mural art brand and the award-winning taco joint, specializing in unique tacos, margaritas and tequilas in a colorful and energetic atmosphere, all at a great value, honor all artists on International Artists Day on Tuesday, October 25th.

Since Day One, Condado Tacos has celebrated all of the communities they join by working with local artists to paint the walls of each restaurant with unique, street-art inspired murals – floor to ceiling. Condado Tacos has employed over 200 local artists who have contributed to the original mural artwork at Condado Tacos since 2014, and created a platform that few other restaurant companies can claim. 

“We are incredibly proud of our art in our Condado Tacos restaurants, and it is what I believed in as a core part of our brand, when we opened our very first Condado location in Columbus Short North 8 years ago, says Joe Kahn, Condado Tacos Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Today is a day to honor all artists and especially the ones we work with, talented artists who take our team’s vision and a local area theme and create amazing, original art that works throughout our restaurant interiors to tell the story of each Condado Tacos restaurant.”

Condado Tacos opened in 2014 with its first location at 1227 North High Street in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Since its founding, the brand has grown to 37 locations in 14 markets: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Boardman, Canton, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Lexington, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Charlotte — with more on the way in 2022 — and was recently named 2021 Breakout Brand of the Year by FSR magazine. Condado Tacos specializes in creating unique tacos, tequila and margaritas in an exciting and colorful atmosphere, all at a great value. Condado has perfected the build-your-own model by letting guests choose exactly what they want — from the toppings to the protein, all the way down to the creatively-stuffed taco shell and double deckers, Condado Tacos prides itself on fresh, high-quality ingredients and celebrating the individuality of its staff and its guests. 

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