Community Coffee Company announced that its Coffee Service Division has moved to new sustainable ThermoLite cups.

Made from paper and recycled content, these eco-friendly cups use less material, energy and waste than previous cups. With 109 million cups sold last year, this transition will help further Community Coffee Company’s commitment to sustainability.

“As a company, we believe that a healthy respect for the environment begins at home,” says David Belanger, president and CEO of Community Coffee Company. “We are continuously improving the efficiency and environmental footprint of our manufacturing, distribution and office operations, and working to reduce our energy and water consumption and waste.”

The company plans to transition to the paper cups by summer 2018. This transition supports the company’s environmental initiatives while providing its customers a quality cup to enjoy its rich, smooth coffee.

The Mobius loop logo or recycling logo is clearly visible on each cup to ensure customers are aware they can recycle the product. Additionally, the cup contains 4 percent recycled material that includes at least 15 percent post-consumer fiber. This information is also printed on each cup.

In addition to the new cups, Community Coffee Company has transitioned to LED lighting in its offices, plants and facilities, which has saved 2.8 million kilowatts of energy and reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,900 tons annually. Community also supports sustainable sourcing and land preservation through a number of programs and partnerships, like its Toledo and Labateca program.

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