Commander’s Palace announced two partnerships with beloved local beverage brands to bring the leading-edge Haute Creole experience and Louisiana rollicking charm to homes across the country. The first collaboration is with local craft cocktail company El Guapo on an exclusive line of cocktail mixers and the second collaboration is with local coffee company French Truck Coffee on a custom coffee and chicory blend.

To be enjoyed at home bars across the country and inspired by Commander’s Cocktail Chicks Ti Martin and Lally Brennan’s book In the Land of Cocktails: Recipes and Adventures from the Cocktail Chicks, the cocktail mixers are a combination of classic cocktail recipes from the restaurant and around the world. Ti and Lally teaming up with El Guapo’s CEO Christa Cotton is truly a mix made in heaven for two women-owned New Orleans businesses.

“We are serious about our cocktails. And adventures,” says Commander’s co-proprietors and Cocktail Chicks Ti Martin and Lally Brennan. “Working with Christa at El Guapo has been another Cocktail Chick adventure, but this time with an up-and-coming local entrepreneur. We didn’t think it could be done… that anyone could make a mixer we would love. What a happy surprise! Yes, we’ve had to taste and taste and taste. But she did it. Christa made mixers we are nuts for. 1 part mixer – 1 part liquor. Done! Try to make one yourself that is better. We dare you …”

The mixers will be available nationwide starting Monday, November 30 and can be purchased individually or as a set online and at Le Petit Bleu. The flavors, which are non-GMO, gluten free, responsibly sourced, and made with no added sugar, include Original Lime Daiquiri, Tequila Mockingbird #2, Papa Doble and the Adelaide Swizzle.

“Reformulating these classic Commander’s recipes utilizing ingredients from my local line of cocktail bitters and syrups, El Guapo, with fresh juices and a bit of that New Orleans je ne sais quoi, was a welcome respite from the monotony of pandemic business operations,” shares El Guapo CEO Christa Cotton. “This partnership brings together female entrepreneurs from different sides of the Food and Beverage industry in New Orleans during a time of immense uncertainty and instability within our industry and our beloved city. As a female entrepreneur in New Orleans, I have long looked up to both Ti Martin and Lally Brennan as pioneers within the hospitality space.”

For the second collaboration, Commander’s Palace and French Truck Coffee created a coffee and chicory blend made from Colombian and Brazilian beans with French chicory added after roasting. The flavor is bold, robust, sweet, and full-bodied. The coffee is being served now at Commander’s Palace and French Truck Coffee locations, at Le Petit Bleu, and grocers including Langenstein’s, Robert Fresh Market, Dorignac’s, The Fresh Market, Faubourg Fresh Market, and Whole Foods Markets in Louisiana. Commander’s has served coffee and chicory since the day they opened in 1893 and is thrilled to be partnering with a local coffee company that takes the coffee experience as seriously as they do. French Truck Coffee is small batch, sustainable, and straight from the farmer.

“We believe in the entirety of the dining experience, one that ends – and often begins – with a serious cup of coffee and chicory. When we travel the world in search of our next favorite meal, we actually bring our coffee and chicory with us,” add Commander’s co-proprietors Ti Martin and Lally Brennan.  “As the winner of seven James Beard Foundation Awards, we are proud to partner with another local business that talks our language. We have admired the way Geoffrey Meeker and French Truck Coffee have taken New Orleans by storm in the coffee landscape. Their coffee is in its own league with bold pure flavores. We are proud to partner with them on this very special coffee and chicory.”

“French Truck Coffee is so thrilled for Commander’s Palace to have chosen to work with us, says owner and founder Geoffrey Meeker. “Ti and Lally’s commitment to quality while honoring tradition are perfectly aligned with the way we do business. The exclusive coffee and chicory blend we have created for Commander’s Palace is a reflection of that.”

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