Known to loyal customers for its expansive and rotating craft beer menu, Growler USA announced today its new menu launch, with a focus on inspired eats to pair with its famous drink selections. The Colorado-based brand is complementing the new food focus with its updated tagline, ‘Growler USA, Kitchen & Taphouse.’

With the launch of the new menu, guests will be able to enjoy flavorful dishes with upscale twists on traditional pub fare.

The new items will reflect updated brand favorites as well as new additions aimed to expand to new taste buds. Some all-stars include:

  • Zippin’ Brussels Sprouts: Crispy fried Brussels Sprouts tossed with lemon vinaigrette and finished with bacon and cotija cheese.
  • Fried Chicken + French Toast: Growler’s twist on a Southern staple, served with a sunny-side egg, honey butter and syrup.
  • Growler Nachos: Daily made corn tortilla chips smothered with mozzarella, black beans, pico de gallo, pickled red onions, taco sauce, crema, and topped with guacamole, cotija cheese and cilantro.
  • Hot Chip Burger: Jalapeño coins baked in a Parmesan crisp with our kickin’ aioli. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion.

“When going out for great food, your first thought isn’t always to head out to a pub. With this new menu launch, Growler USA wanted to change that conception for craft drink lovers,” says John Kutac, president of Growler USA. “Our new menu allows guests to enjoy a complete craft experience—with not only local beer and drink selections, but an expansive, chef-driven menu that focuses on quality, flavorful dishes. We want each guest who walks through Growler’s doors to have an amazing experience, utilizing our expert staff to create delicious meal and drink pairing options.” 

The new menu creation was led by Chef Devon Hill. Starting as a line cook and working her way up through various restaurants, Hill now serves as the Corporate Chef at Growler USA, and oversees food training for new locations, vendor relations, and new menu item ideation and implementation.

“Our new menu is unlike anything else you’ll see in the craft beer scene,” says Hill. “Each item was designed to be unique, to be colorful, and to excite your palate. Growler fans both loyal and new will find something for everyone each time they visit, including kid-friendly options and vegetarian dishes.”

The brand has 26 locations across the country, each offering a variety of regional and nationally recognized beverages. 

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