Citra Vini, the leading winery in Abruzzo, has announced that renowned Italian winemaker Riccardo Cotarella has become their Consultant Enologist. The appointment provides significant enological support for the well-known cooperative and for viticulture in the Abruzzo region and will serve to further enhance Citra’s commitment to quality and value in wine production.

Riccardo Cotarella is a decorated winemaker, with decades of winemaking experience at his own winery Falesco, whose Vitiano wines have seen great success in the U.S. market. In his expansive career, Cotarella has also acted as a consultant for over 100 wineries in Italy and helped produce countless quality wines.

“The decision to bring Riccardo on as Consultant Enologist was based on his vast experience and expertise as a winemaker, in addition to his planning suggestions and ideas,” says Valentino Di Campli, President of Citra Vini.

Citra Vini cultivates over 6,000 hectares of vineyards from more than 3,000 members in nine associated cooperatives, making it the largest wine producer in Abruzzo.

“These numbers carry responsibility not only to develop our own wines but also to constantly improve and elevate the wine identity of our region,” emphasized Di Campli, who is also President of the Consorzio di Tutela dei vini d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo Wine Consortium). “That is why we believe that Riccardo Cotarella will bring a significant contribution to our cooperative and will help evolve the identity and image of wines from Abruzzo.”

Citra Vini has set out several succinct goals for the new collaboration, such as improving the professional development of the company’s technical staff and winery partners, enhancing the quality of their range of wines and providing an in-depth analysis of the enological potential of Citra Vini’s vineyards.

Cotarella is optimistic about the upcoming projects: “Cooperation is not only essential from an economic perspective, but cooperatives have been investing in production quality for years and are currently utilizing some of the best terroir in our country. Citra Vini is a perfect example of this.”


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