Citizen, helmed by Chef Scott Howard, announced that it will open its doors on July 15.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Citizen is a vibrant and social dining experience featuring an eclectic American menu from Chef Howard. Seasonal dishes are meant to be shared and encourage guests to craft their own experience. Chef Howard’s menu is divided into five sections: Table Snacks, Raw, Vegetables, Seafood, and Meat. From lighter fare to savory entrees, there’s something for every occasion. The menu includes House Made Burrata (grilled red grapes/La Querica ham), White Corn and Zucchini Fritters (scallions/smoked paprika mayo), Spanish Octopus (tamarind bbq/charred scallions/white corn salsa) and Devil’s Gulch Pork Belly (chorizo/clams/bacon dashi/shiso). Howard says of the menu “I had so much fun creating this menu, and love that there is something for everyone. It’s very carefully executed with different sections and tastes so our guests can craft their own experiences. Given the season and the bounty of great ingredients available to us it’s hard not to add a new item every day.”

On the sweet side of things, desserts will include dishes such as Warm Brioche Donuts (lemon custard/blackberry jam), a Root Beer Float (anise ice cream/warm pecan cookies), plus Citizen will donate a percentage of proceeds from the Tahitian Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee “Pop Corn” dessert to Project Angel Food in the opening months.

The bar program, created by Soigné Group’s Josh Goldman, pulls inspiration from iconic 1960’s America. The cocktail menu melds tiki cocktails and straightforward drinks. Referencing the past yet built for a modern palate, classic selections feature only all-natural ingredients and the finest spirits. Goldman’s menu includes cocktails such as the Tiki “Blue Hawaii” (Citizen white rum blend/blue curacao/pineapple & key lime shrub) and the aromatic “Jack Taylor” (bonded applejack/Tennessee whiskey/vintage port/sweet vermouth/lemon twist). Goldman sees Citizen’s bar and lounge serving as Beverly Hills’ living room and wants everyone to walk in feeling like they are entering a friend’s house. “Guests should walk in and immediately feel welcome,” he says. “They can have a Citizen Champagne Cocktail (bubbly/seasonal sugar cube & bitters/citrus twist) before dinner, or there may be a punch bowl greeting them at the entrance. It’s got that upbeat, stress-free feeling.”

A bespoke sense of quality echoes through the restaurant and the experience is meant to feel tailored to suit every guest. The interior, by Spacecraft Design Group, hints at the rebellious style and glamour of 1960’s Beverly Hills. Adding to the atmosphere is a large open-air lounge and fire pit that plays host to the evening’s cocktail party (which starts early and goes all night long).

Right from the start Citizen will be holding a nightly cocktail party, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Oysters will be shucked on the patio and a chef’s selection of ceviche will be offered. Citizen will be creating a daily punch plus a selection of sparkling cocktails will be available for $10 (both only offered during this time).

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