Cintas Corporation today introduced its comprehensive hospitality mat system to ensure hotel floors are safe, protected, and visibly clean. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Cintas’ hotel matting system provides rental, direct purchase, and custom mat options appropriate for front and back-of–the-house operations.

Hotels can customize their system to include one or all of the programs for convenient, cost-effective protection. From mats designed for revolving doors and unique entryways to mats suited for poolside areas, Cintas has the appropriate system to improve the image of any property.

“Hotels experience extensive traffic yet must continuously promote a positive brand image,” says Mike Thompson, senior vice president, Cintas Facility Services. “From 30 to 3,000-room properties, our versatile hospitality mat system provides a complete service offering to help hotels elevate image, improve productivity, reduce housekeeping costs, and keep guests safe.”

Within the new hospitality mat system, hoteliers have the opportunity to select from the following options:

Rental Program: Cintas’ rental mat service captures contaminants and moisture before customers track it through a hotel, keeping floors dry and clean. The program includes prompt and reliable pick-up, cleaning, and delivery on a routine basis.

Cintas’ service reduces upfront inventory costs and ensures mats won’t become saturated with contaminants. The mats are designed to protect all essential areas including entrance zones, high risk zones, high traffic zones, and productivity zones.

Rental mats include:

  • Standard Carpet Mats prevent soil and moisture from being tracked throughout a hotel. They are equipped with gripper backs, beveled edges, and a rubber base to keep mats in place and reduce slips and falls. They are ideal for entrance, high risk, high traffic, and productivity zones.
  • Logo/Message Mats are standard carpet mats with personalized logo and message options. This enables businesses to promote their brand with vivid lasting colors while reassuring guests that they are in the right place.
  • Dura-Lite Mats are light, durable, and equipped with a non-slip, no-trip surface to promote a safe work environment. Ideal for high risk and productivity zones, they resist oil and grease. Their anti-fatigue properties reduce employee leg stress while their antimicrobial properties prevent bacterial growth.
  • Scraper Mats are ideal for entrance and high risk zones, trapping moisture and dirt before it enters the facility. Constructed of tacky rubber to collect contaminants, scraper mats can hold up to a gallon of water. Their special backing enables water to aerate to keep the mat in place while their anti-static properties protect electrical equipment from static shock.

Direct Purchase Program: This program is ideal for larger mats, such as lobby or entrance mats. Cintas offers its entire mat line via direct sale and can brand any mat with a customized logo or message to further enhance image. Direct purchase mats include:

  • UltraGuard Mats are ideal for lobbies, hallways, entries, or other areas with multi-directional guest and employee traffic. Its polypropylene fibers are durable, stain resistant, and permanently anti-static.
  • WaterGuard Mats trap moisture and dirt at the door before it enters a hotel. They are ideal for lobbies, inside and outside of entrances, and around ice machines and vending areas. Each mat is created with a fade-resistant polypropylene surface and rubber-reinforced ridges. They are available in standard, diamond pattern, or fan shapes.
  • Indoor Mats include Cintas’ Dual Rib, Chevron, and Hobnail styles, which are lightweight and ideal for employee offices, maintenance areas, and break rooms. Cintas also offers Olefin Walk-Off Indoor mats that protect low-pile carpet and hard surfaces from wear and tear.
  • Kitchen Mats include Cintas’ Triple Flex mat line, designed with a non-slip surface to resist oil, water, and grease. They are available with drainage holes to allow liquid and dirt to pass. Cintas’ Free Flow Comfort mats have draining capabilities yet provide comfort for prolonged standing. Its Safety Chef mats have raised ribs to provide traction for wet and greasy surfaces.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats include Cintas’ Soft Step and Air Step mats, designed with 3/8” vinyl foam construction to reduce fatigue and discomfort. They are ideal for valet, bell stand, front desk, and concierge areas. The Marble Top mats offer the same anti-fatigue properties and are 90 percent more puncture resistant than comparable products.

Custom Mat Program: Cintas can customize and install any mat style to fit any size or shape. A Cintas representative will conduct an assessment to recommend the best size and installation method.

Hoteliers often need custom mats for inside and outside lobby entrances, revolving doors, recessed, and obstructed areas. Popular styles include revolving door cut outs, angle cuts, and large lobby mats. Cintas can design mats to lay loose with edging or glue them down for permanent installation.

“All of Cintas’ hospitality mats are certified High Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to help reduce slips, trips, and falls and meet the unique matting challenges within every area of a hotel,” says Todd McKeown, vice president of hospitality, Cintas. “Partnering with Cintas for a customized program helps hoteliers protect guests and promote a clean image with safe, state-of-the-art, stylish mats.”


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