Ciao Bella, maker of premium, artisan gelati and sorbetti, has partnered with Atlanta-based luxury ice cream company High Road Ice Cream to increase the Ciao Bella's presence within the high-end food service and hospitality space.

“Originally opened as a gelato shop in New York’s Little Italy, Ciao Bella was the leader in the food service space supplying its gelati and sorbetti to restaurants, which quickly became our core business,” says Carlos Canals, CEO of Ciao Bella. “After years of focusing on the retail portion of the business and accomplishing great success, it is time to bring the company back to its roots and complement our in-store distribution efforts with distribution in the food service space.”

The only brand to work with High Road outside of its existing product portfolio, Ciao Bella’s high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations will sit front and center with culinary experts nationwide, complimenting the already sophisticated and unique dessert menu offerings.

High Road’s founder and CEO, Keith Schroeder, has long been an admirer of Ciao Bella.

“I’ve long been a fan of Ciao Bella, as a chef and as someone in the specialty ice cream industry,” Schroeder says. “It’s a real honor to be able to revive and expand the food service side of Ciao Bella with the high quality ingredients and customer service that made them a brand that inspired me.”

The partnership between the two brands has begun and Ciao Bella’s gelati and sorbetti will be offered to restaurants and hotels nationwide beginning in April 2015. High Road will produce the brand’s products with the same quality ingredients and standards currently in place in its 25,000 square-foot facility.

“Partnering with High Road gives us the opportunity to work with someone who is equally as passionate about ingredients and the quality of the product as we are, and will raise our awareness in restaurants and hotels where we know our consumers are looking for us,” Canals says.


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