Just like most things in 2020, Thanksgiving is going to look different this year. We know gatherings will be smaller than in years past, some families will cook a traditional feast per usual while some families will opt for ease and convenience because this year is exhausting.

With all that in mind, Chili’s decided to spice things up by Chilifying four traditional Thanksgiving dishes. It’s the perfect mash up of classic recipes + Chili’s faves. Here’s what Chili’s culinary team whipped up that guests can easily make at home no matter how they choose to celebrate Thanksgiving this year:

  • Southwestern Eggroll Stuffing
  • White Spinach Queso Green Bean Casserole
  • The Boss Mac & Cheese
  • Big Mouth Bite Stuffing

While Chili’s restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving, guests can stop by their local Chili’s (or order delivery) to grab the key ingredients for each dish. And for guests who prefer traditional sides (not Chilified), but don’t feel like cooking this year they can pick up a variety of sides such as mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and steamed broccoli at their local restaurant.

Check out the recipes here.

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