Chickie's and Pete's, the Philadelphia-area crab house and sports bar chain, today announced it is partnering with City Year Philadelphia for the month of October to help more students in the city stay in school and on track for graduation.  

Throughout October, Chickie's and Pete's will engage in several initiatives both online and at each of its 11 Philadelphia-area restaurants to help raise donations and impart the mission and spirit of City Year on guests.

"As a lifelong Philadelphian and graduate of Northeast High School, this initiative is very close to my heart," says Pete Ciarrocchi, CEO of Chickie's and Pete's. "We all know Philadelphia public schools are in dire need of additional resources, and City Year's dedicated corps members are doing amazing work to provide much needed support to schools of all types in Philadelphia. We are proud to support this outstanding organization and provide better educational outcomes for our children."

For the entire month of October, Chickie's and Pete's will place informational posters and materials in each of its Philadelphia-area locations, including the airport, that promote City Year and its work in Philadelphia schools. 

Servers at each location will encourage guests to donate to City Year via one of three ways: by adding a small donation to the check total for their meal; via a QR code that can be scanned by smartphone and directs guests to the City Year donation web page; or by texting SCHOOL to 20222 to make an automatic $5 donation to City Year.  

Every guest who makes a donation to City Year at Chickie's and Pete's will have her generosity recognized with a mini "red jacket" that has her name to be displayed at the location. In the spirit of competition, Chickie's and Pete's will track and offer incentives to each restaurant location for the most donations collected during the month of October.

"On behalf of the board, staff and corps members of City Year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pete Ciarrocchi and Chickie's and Pete's restaurants for this wonderful opportunity," says Ric Ramsey, executive director and vice president of City Year Philadelphia. 

"Supporting City Year's work in Philadelphia's schools allows us to provide one-on-one support for students, support teachers in their classrooms, and lead valuable before and after-school programs," he adds. "You've seen the Red Jackets in the city, on their way to greet students in the early morning or after a long day of service in school. Now, you have the chance to keep those Red Jackets where they are needed most."

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