Moody Tongue Brewery, the Chicago-based culinary brewery, officially began its international expansion to China. With the Chinese community now taking a greater interest in American craft beers, Brewmaster Jared Rouben found this opportunity to introduce his method of culinary brewing: using a chef’s mindset to highlight flavors of aromatics in beers, to the Chinese market.

To celebrate the launch of expanding in China, Moody Tongue partnered with Hangzhou-based craft brewery Midtown Brewery, to make Moody Tongue’s first collaboration beer. Earlier this month, Rouben and Midtown Brewmaster Eric White joined to create two very unique collaboration beers that incorporate Moody Tongue’s culinary brewing style and ingredients indigenous to Hangzhou.

Jared Rouben and Eric White brewed a lager with Longjing Tea and a Saison with Sweet Osmanthus, highlighting Moody Tongue’s focus on sourcing the highest quality of local ingredients and incorporating them into beers which showcase their delicate flavors and aromas, while also paying homage to traditional Hangzhou culture.

Prior to beginning the collaboration beers with Midtown, Rouben spent two weeks meeting with a number of renowned chefs and local brewers in and around Shanghai to discuss the difference between craft beers and culinary beers, and ultimately sharing with them his idea that you can view and brew beer as food. Last month, Moody Tongue began distribution of its full line up of culinary beers throughout the country of China, including: Smoked Applewood Gold, Sliced Nectarine IPA, Caramelized Chocolate Churro Batlic Porter, Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison, as well as the highly coveted Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Barleywine and Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner.

Moody Tongue beers are being distributed in China by Craft Republic. Craft Republic scours the globe for the finest craft spirits and beer brands, and activates them in the world’s largest consumer market. Founded in 2013 in Shanghai, Craft Republic offers bespoke strategies for their brands and cultivates a new craft culture amongst the emerging classes. Their philosophy is to take the essence transmitted by the brand, and translate it for China.

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