Gene & Georgetti, Chicago’s oldest steakhouse, will re-open for carry-out, curbside pickup and delivery beginning March 31. After months of rebuilding in the aftermath of a kitchen fire that left the restaurant devastated last October, the iconic spot was slated to re-open its dining room this very week. The onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed those plans, but much to the delight of the restaurant’s longtime fans, they are one step closer to a taste of home.

Beginning Tuesday, enthusiasts can select from a full menu, including signature dishes for which Gene & Georgetti is acclaimed. Prime steaks and chops, fresh seafood selections, house-made pastas, expertly prepared vegetables and beloved favorites like Italian Sausage and Peppers, Baked Clams, Garbage Salad, Chicken Joe and more are all available. For extra convenience during the stay-at-home measures currently in effect, the culinary team is also offering family-style dinner packages, boxed lunches, meal kits with family recipes and pantry essentials like house-made sauces, steaks and seafood, homemade pasta and more. Orders can be placed via DoorDash and GrubHub or by calling (312) 527-3718. Delivery radius is 12 miles from downtown Chicago.

For ease of access to offerings, Gene & Georgetti has created a special website that conveniently places all of the options in one place: It was important to the team that consumers could find delivery and carry-out information with an easy-to-navigate portal.

Leading the restaurant into this next chapter is Michelle Durpetti, daughter of longtime owner Tony Durpetti; she represents the third generation of Gene & Georgetti’s independently-owned family leadership. She and her team sprang into action as soon as concerns around COVID-19 mounted, devising creative solutions to accommodate consumer needs out of the family’s Rosemont location. Still, the loss in dining room business and necessary event postponement at their adjoining private function space was crushing. Turning their focus to the reemergence of the Chicago location is a bright spot.

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to re-open, if even in this limited capacity,” says Michelle. “While not under the circumstances we envisioned, these times demand flexibility. Our family opened Gene & Georgetti in 1941 and survived the Second World War; what’s more, our building was built using scrap wood from the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. The symbolism of rising from the ashes and reopening in the midst of a global crisis in the year 2020 is not lost on me. This restaurant has stood trials, tribulations and the test of time, and it will do so again.”

The opening of Gene & Georgetti’s dining room will be announced at a later date when officials deem it safe for restaurants to reopen. With the occasion will come refurbished interiors, newly introduced menu items inspired by the Durpetti family’s Tuscan heritage and reimagined branding, all of which stay true to restaurant’s beloved legacy.

“This is a time to spend with loved ones as we remain in our homes,” adds Michelle. “If we can in any way enrich that time together with comforting, delicious flavors, we will consider this first phase of our downtown reopening a success. There will be much more to celebrate in the future when we can come together again physically and welcome everyone back to the place so many consider home. But for now, stay home and stay well, and allow Gene’s to help you stay well fed.”

The Gene & Georgetti Employee Relief Fund has been established to lend support to the brand’s loyal team members during these unprecedented times.

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