Chicago’s Hopewell Brewing Co. recently launched Lil Buddy, a super mellow little lager with 4.7 percent ABV that is exclusively available in 8-ounce cans. The first Chicago brewery to offer 8-ounce cutie pies, the Helles Lager was made for drinking occasions where you want to try a little of everything and remain upright. Lil Buddy is a delightful little lager, a snack, a proverbial plus-one. This easy-going, light-hearted lager sidles right up with other boozy pals, but surely holds its own if you’re just looking for a little less—which, sometimes, is more.

Lil Buddy has immediately found its niche on menus across the city, including applications like Bloody Mary backs and shot & beer specials.

Name: Lil Buddy
Style: Little Lager (Helles)
ABV: 4.7
Availability: Year-Round

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