Chef & Sommelier announced new shapes for its Cabernet Stemware and an entire new collection devoted to enhanced tasting aptly named Reveal’Up. In celebration of the brand’s 10-year anniversary and product innovations, Chef & Sommelier will be a participating sponsor at the upcoming Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival and NYC Food & Wine Festival. To complement the culinary events, Chef & Sommelier will be premiering its new Reveal’Up and trusted Cabernet stemware firsthand to industry professionals.

Stemware designed specifically for Burgundy and Bordeaux is the latest addition to the variety of restaurant wine glasses in the Cabernet line. These new shapes allow restaurants to elevate their wine service by pouring wines in glasses specifically designed to showcase its characteristics. The wider bowl of the Burgundy glass concentrates aromas of lighter wines and is ideal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The wider straight chimney of the Bordeaux glass allows the acidity of alcohol to reduce and is ideal for Cabernet wine. Both of these new stemware shapes include laser cut sheer rim technology (1.2 millimeters) for optimum wine tasting.

Cabernet Stemware has long been a trusted collection counted on by restaurants to deliver the highest durability and wuality—all as a result of the Kwarx material that is exclusive to the Chef & Sommelier brand. The new Burgundy and Bordeaux shapes add an element of refinement, which marries with the trend toward customers embracing more premium wines, leading to increased profitability.

Kwarx was engineered to be stronger and stay in service longer—minimizing broken glasses. In fact, the glasses are guaranteed to withstand up to 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles while remaining brilliant and clear.

And, the Cabernet collection is not just limited to stemware. Newly introduced tumblers and barware line extensions boast the use of Kwarx material and provide operators with a single, full-range solution for all areas of operation.

Reveal’Up is a new collection introducing two contemporary shapes—one Intense, the other Soft—specifically crafted to enhance the wine tasting experience. Reveal’Up glasses are available in eight different sizes to meet all restaurant serving requirements.

Chef & Sommelier ambassador Julia Scavo, ranked third Best Sommelier in the Association de la Sommelier International in Europe, kept four key elements in mind when designing the collection: Touch, sight, smell, and taste. 

Scavo designed the Reveal’Up glass to minimize alcohol perception, thus enhancing the aroma and taste of the wine. The Intense shape provides an extra-large oxygenation surface—all the better for the wine to breathe. This glass is perfect for the tasting of full bodied, highly tannic reds. The Soft glass, on the other hand, still has a relatively large oxygenation surface but a smaller bowl opening and is intended for the tasting of young, light wines. Both have a 2- to 4-ounce gauge to ensure accurate economical pours making them ideal for a wine by the glass programs. Both also offer the largest oxygenation surface in the Chef & Sommelier wine collection.

Durability is also of utmost importance in the Reveal’Up collection. Reveal’Up glasses are also made of Kwarx material and can stand up to the rigors of commercial dishwashing and rough handling. Reveal’Up glasses are a perfect complement to elegant table settings and enhance the experience of enjoying fine wines.

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