Chef Ralph Pagano’s Alba Seaside Italian in Sunny Isles Beach and Miami Beach’s Naked Taco are now serving Mexican Day of the Dead craft beer.

Drinks America, a U.S. broker for authentic Mexican beer, seven months ago decided to focus resources on the growing category of specialty craft beer, and within that short period of time the beers are now available in more than 20 U.S. chain retailers.

Pagano appeared on the first season of "Hell's Kitchen," hosted the series "Pressure Cook" on MOJO HD, challenged Chef Bobby Flay on the American version of "Iron Chef," and now runs his own company YES Hospitality. As owner and chef at Alba Seaside Italian nestled inside the luxury, boutique Sole Resort in Sunny Isles Beach since 2012, he has been strong supporter of the company's Mexican Day of the Dead Craft Beer, offering them up to hotel guests and restaurant patrons alike.

His newest creation, Mexican Cocina Naked Taco in South Beach's Dream Hotel, was born out of his love for Mexico. In an interview at the opening of Naked Taco, Pagano spoke about his passion for the country and opening a place where he can create tricked-out versions of its street food while keeping the spot fun and affordable. Naked Taco opened its doors Feb. 21, during South Beach Wine & Food Fest. It will offer 125 different tequilas and Mexican food that Pagano describes as "melty, gooey, cheesy, and crunchy."

"As an avid enthusiast of authentic Mexican food, drink, and culture, I wanted to create an experience with Naked Taco that brought customers to Mexico," Pagano says. "I personally like Day of the Dead craft beer, so including it in that experience was an easy choice, and a smart one. Day of the Dead is a relatively unknown craft beer and the intrigue of that coupled with its Mexican heritage makes it one of our more popular beer items on the menu."



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