Southern comfort food gets a contemporary flair at the newly renovated Great Street Restaurant.  Located in the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, both the fare and the furnishings received a makeover and Chef Joe Pankrath is available to show viewers how to spice up fried green tomatoes at home.

“The key to a crispy and golden brown crust is to make sure the oil hits the right temperature; if the oil is too cool they will become soggy,” Pankrath says.  “Before frying simply coat each tomato slice in flour, then dip in egg and cover with breadcrumbs.”

Chef Pankrath serves his fried green tomatoes with fresh burrata mozzarella, watercress and sherry dressing.  “The classic savory and salty combination of this fried favorite can easily be complemented with a variety of ingredients,” Pankrath says.  “The creamy notes of the burrata help balance the acidity in the tomatoes, creating a whole new depth of flavors.”


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