Celebrated chef Marc Forgione has launched a fast-casual cocept, Lobster Press. The first Lobster Press opened last week at a new food hall in New York called The Pennsy (2 Penn Plaza). Forgione is creating a non-traditional, hot lobster panini playing off his popular Chili Lobster dish at the Tribeca restaurant, Restaurant Marc Forgione.

At the Lobster Press, he partnered with lobster purveyor, Homarus, to serve fresh tail, knuckle, and claw meat sandwiched in between buttered Grandaisy Ciabatta bread, and paired with a side of Chili Lobster dipping sauce for dunking (like a French press). This first Lobster Press outpost will be just one of Chef Forgione's on-the-go spots as he is planning to expand downtown later this year.

Other menu items will include: Coconut Lobster Bisque; Da Dip (grilled cheese with a side of the lobster sauce dip); Lobster Press with or without cheese; The Chance—the special sandwich of the day that will start off as a House-Cured Corned Beef with Jarlesberg, red sauerkraut, Russian dressing on rye; Chili Lobster Salad with arugula, local vegetables, wonder grain sorghum (gluten-free); The Press Box, which is a Lobster Press with pickled veggies and kettle chips; and drinks: fresh pressed juices, seasonal lemonade, and seasonal iced tea.

The lobster is hand picked every morning off the coast of Maine, which mean’s the price fluctuates at market price. 

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