Frank Callero, Kara Callero, and Steven Zaleski of Sancerre Hospitality announced that they have solidified their partnership with Chef Joe Flamm. Flamm will assume the role of Culinary Director, continuing to oversee all aspects of the Rose Mary kitchen while also taking over the culinary program at BLVD Steakhouse, the group’s first restaurant located on Lake and Green.

Since opening BLVD Steakhouse in 2017, the young restaurant group has brought sophisticated, experience-driven dining to the West Loop. In 2021, they partnered with Flamm to open Rose Mary, his debut restaurant inspired by Flamm’s Italian heritage and his wife’s Croatian roots. 

In this new role, Flamm will oversee and evolve the menu at BLVD Steakhouse, focusing on simple, ingredient driven cooking and classic techniques, just as he does at Rose Mary. Indeed, he will change over dishes on the menu gradually and continue to source the best product around.

“BLVD has been a great restaurant for the past five years,” Flamm says. “I’m looking to take things to the next level and see this place thrive for many years to come.”

This summer, BLVD Steakhouse will also open a sprawling outdoor patio on the vacant lot directly adjacent to the restaurant. The project will feature a large bar, overhead trellis, plenty of greenery, and ample outdoor seating, allowing for a true oasis escape in the heart of Fulton Market. Construction is underway.

To coincide with the patio launch, Flamm will offer lighter, seasonal fare, and eventually, brunch.  

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