Gray Kunz is setting the table for an appreciation for dining in Saratoga Springs, the culinary heartland of New York, with the opening of Salt & Char, a modern steakhouse.

“It thrills me to be opening Salt & Char in Saratoga Springs. As a chef, I am constantly inspired by the Hudson Valley region—a place many consider the market garden of New York, a place that is known to have the freshest ingredients in the state, and a place where farmers dedicated to sustainable and organic practices harvest some of the freshest produce available,” Chef Kunz says. “I have a home in Upstate New York—it’s where I go to center myself, to pause and create, and of course, to pursue my own personal passion, which is to cook only the finest of dishes in the most bountiful of locations.”

Chef Kunz is a globally acclaimed chef and operator with a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience in destinations around the world. The opening of Salt & Char marks Chef Kunz’s return to New York. Chef Kunz, who received international acclaim for his culinary mastery at Lespinasse that earned him four stars from the New York Times, also owned restaurants Café Gray and Grayz in New York City. ChefKunz currently operates Café Gray Deluxe at The Upper House, a luxury/lifestyle five-star hotel located in Hong Kong.

Chef Kunz has partnered with the principals behind the renovation of the historic Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs to form a world-class hospitality management company, The Adelphi Hospitality Group. The group purchased the former Maestro’s restaurant, located adjacent to the Hotel and will reveal Salt & Char in early 2016, around one year ahead of the opening of The Adelphi Hotel. The Adelphi Hospitality Group will also be responsible for the hotel’s operations. The Adelphi Hotel is the first of many future projects with a unique approach to hospitality planned by The Adelphi Hospitality Group.

“We are honored to be working with such an acclaimed Chef as Gray Kunz at Salt & Char,” says Simon Milde, chairman and CEO of Richbell Capital, the development partner behind these projects. “He has a mastery of flavors unlike any other Chef—his food is innovative, modern, and most importantly delicious. We are certain ChefKunz will impress and delight each and every guest that dines at Salt & Char and the rest of the Adelphi Hotel’s dining options.”

When planning Salt & Char’s concept and menu, Chef Kunz drew inspiration from the distinctive offerings of the region. “Salt & Char is inspired by the bounty of fresh and high-quality local ingredients and products. We wanted to put a modern twist on a timeless classic, to elevate a steakhouse to extraordinary,” said Chef Kunz. “Our goal is to celebrate the best of Hudson Valley by featuring the talented local producers, farmers and artisans. Through Salt & Char’s food and beverages, ambiance and warm, welcoming service, our guests will get an introduction to what I love about the area and especially Saratoga Springs”

Salt & Char’s menu will be composed of the highest quality ingredients prepared by the skilled touch and culinary diversity that is signature to Chef  Kunz. Each steak will be a work of art—generous cuts of regionally farm-raised beef wondrously prepared in both classic and modern presentations, such as Tomahawk Steak and Sirloin Steak with Flat Bone, as well as Wagyu and dry aged cuts. For those looking for lighter options, Salt & Char will also offer sustainably sourced seafood and organic chicken dishes among many others. Chef Kunz will be modernizing steakhouse sides with refined dishes such as Crispy Polenta Fries, Creamed Spinach with Crumbled Chiccharones, and Grilled Nopal Cactus Pads. Diners can end their meal with a sweet note, with Chef Kunz’s delightful desserts such as Ginger-Molasses Sticky Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce. 

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