Celebrity Chef Dale Talde is teaming up with RealEats to bring home cooks his signature cuisine straight to their doorsteps. The critically acclaimed chef whose titles include Top Chef and Top Chef Masters alum, restaurateur and cookbook author, is joining the first-ever “sous-vide” style, locally-sourced meal delivery service on September 12. Dale worked closely with the RealEats team to develop his debut menu, taking into account seasonality, nutrition, texture and flavor.

Dale’s goal at RealEats is to “cook what [he] thinks people want to eat—tasty, flavorful food that is a bit different and more exciting than what they eat every day.“

RealEats subscribers will receive some of Dale Talde’s signature recipes as part of their three weekly meals. Subscribers can expect options that exemplify Dale’s signature style—a balance of Filipino and classic American flavors with ingredients such as Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Leaf for sharp and bright flavors. Dishes will include options such as Lemongrass Pork Shoulder, Chakka La Vong, Banana Leaf Sticky Rice with Bacon and Grilled Lemongrass Chicken.

While the meal delivery market has grown tremendously in the last few years, RealEats remains the only provider offering customers a real taste of the country’s top chefs. Chefs who have, or will, contribute to RealEats include Bill Telepan and Silvia Baldini. Talde is excited to join the likes of these culinary trailblazers and to bring his take on food to connoisseurs around the county. When asked why he joined the RealEats team, Dale says: “They are dope chefs cooking up great recipes that require just boiling water for anyone to enjoy.”

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