As a leader in the sustainable seafood industry, Del Pacifico Seafoods is proud to partner with chef and sustainable seafood advocate, Andrew Gruel, to showcase its Fair Trade Wild Blue Mexican Shrimp at his new restaurant, Calico Fish House, slated to open this month. A seafood and chop house in Huntington Beach, CA, Calico Fish House features a variety of crave-worthy dishes like lobster corn dogs and fish tacos, as well as classic burgers and sandwiches, steaks, salads and more.

Del Pacifico’s wild-caught shrimp are featured in multiple menu items, including:

  • Shrimp Sliders with marinated cucumber, romaine and a creamy lemon herb sauce
  • Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with choice of sauce
  • Garlic Shrimp Skillet

“Del Pacifico Shrimp is hands-down the best shrimp I have ever served,” says Andrew Gruel, Chef and Owner, Calico Fish House. “Their Wild Caught Blue Mexican Shrimp are processed the same day they are caught and have a clean, naturally sweet flavor, with no added chemicals or preservatives. Plus, I love the fact that they are Fair Trade Certified and 100% traceable so I know exactly what I’m getting and that I’m supporting the fishermen and their community.”

Del Pacifico works with artisanal fishermen who have dedicated their lives to fishing in a responsible, sustainable way. These fishermen use panga boats and harness the power of the winds and tide to drift their highly selective nets called a ‘suripera.’ Dropping the suripera nets into the sea, the fisherman can actually feel the vibrations of the shrimp and know from years of experience when to pull up the nets. This unique wind-and-tide driven technique, along with a selective net, results in the lowest bycatch of any other method.

The shrimp are caught, processed and shipped within 24 hours to ensure the highest quality. As a result, Del Pacifico Mexican Blue Shrimp are sweet and succulent with a crisp, snappy texture. Del Pacifico wild-caught shrimp are 100% traceable back to the fishing community.

“Quality and sustainability are incredibly important to us, so we’re proud to partner with Chef Andrew Gruel, who shares the same values and commitment to protect our environment, people and planet as we do,” says Jennifer Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer at Del Pacifico Seafoods. “We feel especially honored to be a part of his newest restaurant, Calico Fish House.”

In 2016, Del Pacifico became the first wild shrimp company in the world to receive Fair Trade Certification after meeting all requirements relating to labor, trade and responsible environmental practices. Every purchase of Del Pacifico’s wild-caught blue Mexican shrimp supports the preservation of small-scale fishing operations, as well as local social and environmental causes through a Fair Trade premium.

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