World renowned pastry guru and Chicago Culinary Museum’s current Pastry Chef of the Year, chef Alain Roby unveils the second edition of his enormously popular cookbook Alain Roby’s American Classics, Casual and Elegant Desserts on October 11. Hailed as elevating “even a simple dessert into a work of art”, the first edition of American Classics quickly sold out in stores and online and was chosen as an editor’s top ten pick on The Food Channel. Roby is pleased to introduce the highly anticipated second edition of the book, featuring a number of mouth-watering recipes from the original including Raspberry and Blueberry Summer Pudding; Spoon Biscuit Blueberry Cobbler a’la’Mode; Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie; Caramel Pumpkin Flan; Chocolate Mashed Potato Cake; Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake (as seen on the Martha Stewart Show); and introducing some new sweet and savory concoctions. Roby describes the style of his recipes as “comfort food with an elegant and classic look."  The second edition is sure to please even amateur chefs, with its simple yet unique recipes.


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